"Dataminds gave us something we have not had before. They gave us a better insight into the possibilities of statistic modelling and how it was able to improve our forecasting processes with the help of statistical analysis of large amounts of data. Their experience with many different industries was also interesting because it challenged our usual ways of working.

Dataminds is a great team player. We appreciated the competences that they brought in to the project and how the continuous workshops was always focused on the solutions applicability and ability to increase the data insight. Dataminds had a great responsiveness to our issues and good abilities to work in a solutions oriented way. Kim Lillesøe was very understanding of our challenges and was great at converting our data into models that increase our business insight.

We really liked Dataminds' result oriented approach which fits us well. We got a solution that we are able to apply straight away and that gives us increased insight to our business. We recommend others to work with Dataminds if you have a big data material that you are unsure about how to use in an optimal way. Statistical modelling is definitely something which Danfoss is going to work with a lot more."

Mads Pinnerup, Vice President, Business Support, Danfoss A/S