"Our brokers in our 180 businesses have a function in our broker system where one can mark a case as either red, yellow, or green. This is called a sales priority. In the manual process it is the case that even though we have indicated criteria for when the brokers should indicate a red, yellow, or green all of the different businesses had different methods on how they did it. Furthermore, only about every third employee had marked it.

This is exactly what we are able to avoid by using Dataminds' model, because the process is being automated. When the model is implemented, 100% of our storage is marked in the system. We can also look at the history and a following explanation. It is robust in the way that we save a lot of time. Therefore, we expect a more homogeneous and better overview of our storage, optimization of sales, and support of employees and the local management in our businesses and in the main office. The model is a form of forecasting model where the probability there is of a sale, the more green it is. We can use this managerially, where the head office can pick up on some of the businesses issues. Most importantly is that the businesses can use the sales priority to get a correct view of their storage as well as helping Homes' costumers. On of the advantages of Dataminds' model is, that we are able to go out and explain our employees how the model works. It is important that it is been well received in the entire organization.

We expect it to be a win-win for everyone in Home. Both for management, franchise takers, employees, and the costumer. It is our job to integrate the model solidly in the organization. We have chosen to run operate the model ourselves in the future. It is positive, and one of the things I like about Dataminds, that one is able to chose future operations. We chose Dataminds because we have worked with them before and were very happy about our collaboration. It has also been great this time. We are working with competent and skilled employees at Dataminds. We have also been very satisfied about our collaboration this time around."

Home, Hans Henrik Buchreitz, BI / responsible of analysis