Mads Marschall

User Experience Designer
Mobile: +45 21 44 75 13

Mads started full time as our User Experience Design after graduating from the University in August 2022. Mads' focus is on interactive design, which are doing to improve our costumer's product experience. Through Design Thinking, and a passion for graphics, Mads helps to secure high quality visual content in Dataminds' products and services.

Mads has a bachelor's degree in Digital Design from Aarhus University. Here he has worked with a lot of different design methods, UX Research and Usability Testing, and programming. During his education, he has been an active member of the student organization, Aarhus Symposium, where he has been responsible for developing different digital tools and a new participant handling system. His passion is to design and create interactive experiences, and he always seek to push the limits for the products he develops. Furthermore, Mads has attended The Drawing Academy and loves draw and paint, both on a canvas and digitally. When Mads is not at work, you can find him on his racing bike on the highway or in the kitchen bottling his home brewed beer.