Lene Nørtoft

Sales consultant
E-mail: lno@dataminds.com
Mobile: +45 60 17 37 97 

Lene works with sales, marketing and communications, including social media. She works strategically with sales and customer development, with an eye on building trustworthy and long-lasting customer relationships that benefit everyone. She sees opportunities and untapped potential in new products and has an innovative approach to sales. She has launched a number of initiatives based on this, and has also helped develop Dataminds' digital identity.

Being service-minded and committed is a natural part of everyday life, where she talks to all walks of life with the same respect for each individual's contribution and challenges. With a background as Cand.mag (MA) from the University of Copenhagen and a course at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, she is a specialist at communicating complex messages in a simple way.