Photo: PostNord

"Dataminds and PostNord worked together for many years, and Dataminds has always been a trustworthy supplier. That have helped with development, analysis, and implementations of Costumer Insights across PostNord and secured the quality of the results, from which we have developed our plans of action.

At one point we had costumer satisfaction analysis where the data was structured from top to bottom. Dataminds suggested that we should look at the data from the bottom up. In that way, the data was structured on a more appropriate way so different data sources was able to correspond with each other. They have also helped us to better understand our internal data flows. A lot of the work they have made has been about structuring data and reporting, and now we are on our way over to Power BI. Some the assignments where executed from A to Z. But often times they are included in the start and finish in some of our bigger projects. Dataminds has helped us to ensure that our data foundation and later reporting are the most cost efficient and user friendly. I regards to analysis, we are now much more aware to look at everything as one big analysis process with in and outputs. Furthermore, we have streamlined our procurement of analysis from other suppliers based on the analysis model that Dataminds has introduced. We are also able to make demands on more transparency from other suppliers.

The collaboration on a professional level has been great. The solution that they have made matches our expectations. Daatminds belong in the category of suppliers that makes very few mistakes. And they are very quick at fixing them. If they detect a mistake themselves, they quickly let us know what needs to be changed. They are very good at dealing with issues and asking whether or not something can be fixed in alternate ways. We have also used Kim Lillesøe as a sparring partner and have gotten some views on a discussion with a different analysis institute. He has also been very proactive and taken the initiative to call us with inputs. It tells us, that we are dealing with a supplier, that is committed to the client.

I would recommend Dataminds to others and I already have. I am very positive about their work. And in regards to accessibility one is able to call them. They are very flexible, also with a short notice. They are willing to take action and is quick to call you back. It is very pleasant that they also respond quickly on emails. They care a lot about the clients needs and they are great at putting themselves in the costumers shoes, so they are able to develop a solution that fit the client. If there is any changes to be made, they argue well for the potential changes."

Peter R. B. Hatlö, Market Research Manager, PostNord