"The collaboration with Dataminds started because Costumer Insight at Norlys had a growing challenge. The challenge was to organize our data and get more value out of them. Furthermore, there were problems with the quality. Dashboard has a form that ensures quality so we are able to optimize the process with those who deliver the data. There was also the issue that data and analysis did not arrive to the stakeholders at the same time. This has now been resolved. Everyone is able to keep up, which allows the business to become more skilled within costumer tracking.

We needed a good process were the data was able to create value in the whole organization. Before our collaboration with Dataminds we used static one-way presentations where the organization's opportunities to work and dive into the material were limited. Dashboard make us able to reach everyone from one simple place. From here everyone is able to analyze and segment. Both the ultimate user and the entire organization are updated. Costumer surveys are now one of our highest priorities.

One of Dataminds' advantages is that they are a small company and therefore very flexible. The collaboration is agile and quick. We learn all the time with appearing needs and new business areas. Niels Tor Danmark (consultant) ensures quality and is quick to fix potential changes. 

In regards to Niels Tor Danmark we really like his transparency. Both with his time and the way he bills. He is alert and makes an effort to accommodate our expectations and priorities. We are very pleased with our collaboration and will gladly recommend Dataminds to other companies with similar needs."

Carsten Wiberg, Customer Insight Manager, Norlys