"Lindholm Report has become the link between all of the organization's departments. It enables us to collectively evolve as a company and employees."

Annesophie Goul-Bansmann, Head of Economy, Lindholm Biler 

Difficult and complex became simple and effective

Lindholm Biler wished to focus on becoming a data driven company. But the process seemed incomprehensible and complex.


Lindholm Biler had many parallel systems that each had its own owner. It made it very difficult to share data across multiple systems.

Therefore we have created one system that collects all the data in one shared Lindholm Report. All the relevant employees have access to the report. This solves the double entry problem.


Lindholm Biler is now a lot more knowledgeable about their company due to our solution. De have gained a greater insight in preparation costs, lead time, revenue speed, and trading. The data can now be used as a valuable supplement in an industry which is manly based on analogous work and a great gut feeling.