Photo: JYSK

"Our collaboration with Dataminds was based on making a cost forecasting based on Data Science in relation to budget planning. We had tried ourselves to make a similar forecast, but was unable to finish it due to a lack of competences and experience. We chose Dataminds both because of their experience with statistical forecasting and because they were able to be "on-site" with us. This gave us the opportunity to close to the process.

The collaboration has been great and we have not had reasons to turn around along the way. We have been used to solving these types of tasks in-house were there is an agreed knowledge about our data. There have not been any major setbacks, which has been positive. The collaboration lived up to our expectations.

Working with Dataminds allows for continuous sparring and development, which is perfect for JYSK."

Anders Sylvest, Director, Controlling and loss prevention, Finance Nordic, JYSK